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In football and Netball players have specific roles to play on the court or field (forward, Midfiel, defence or or in netball the goal Scorers - GA, GS the centre court players: WA, C and WA and the defence: GK and GD).

Players have a specific position when the game is started or restarted.

Players in both sports are coached to pass the ball in front the player so the player can run onto the ball and players are taught to receive and pass in one smooth, fast motion.

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No. In basic - Football (soccer) is played with a ball that can come in to bodily contact with every part except the arm/hand. That is a penalty offence. Only a Goal Keeper may handle the ball and only in the goal area. Netball is similar to basket ball except you may not run and dribble with the ball.

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Both Basketball and netball are played on the same court

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Both sports use a ball, are fully agile sports and built around teamwork.

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Q: How are football and netball similar?
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