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Divide number of at bats into number of base hits.

EXAMPLE: If you have 413 at bats and 133 base hits your batting average is .322 ... 133 divided by 413 equals .322.

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Q: How are batting averages in baseball and softball computed?
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Are baseball players batting averages?

No that is how much they hit in decimal.

When does adding have to do with softball?

IF YOU CAN'T ADD, YOU CAN'T PLAY. Just simple stuff generally, don't worry. 9 innings, 3 outs, 3 strikes, 4 balls, batting averages, other averages

Who is the best baseball player this year?

According to batting averages it is Albert Pujols

What are some variables that effect batting averages of baseball players?

Only two variables affect batting average - hits and at-bats.

Why are batting averages in baseball and softball are expressed as a decimal to the thousandths place?

The more decimals, the more accurate the number. It would be a difference of up up 9 hits. 3 numbers after the decimal is not going overboard, but 2 is not enough to accurately display the data.

Here are the 30 best lifetime baseball batting averages of all time arranged in order from lowest to highest?


How do softball baseball players train to improve performance?

* Physical conditioning * Ball handling drills * Batting practice

Are batting averages ratios?

Yes, batting averages are ratios. It compares the number of hits a player gets by the number of times he/she has been at bat.

What are the different training techniques in baseball and softball?

A) Throwing and catching with a partner. B) Batting practice. C) Running a lap

How much time do you have to react a softball?

A baseball Player must have asked this one... Reaction time is no different than in baseball. It all depends on if your batting fielding or whatever

Are there any decimals on a newspapers?

if you look in the baseball section, there are batting averages sometimes. However it all depends on the newspaper

Are Batting averages based on a 1000?

They are based out of 1.000

What do you call the person who calculates batting averages?


What is a softball used for?

to play softball such as pitching catchig batting and throwig a softball goes along with the sportTo hit, throw, and pitch field

What are the softball basic skills?

The basic skills in softball are catching,throwing, fielding, batting, baserunning, pitching

What is a baseball average?

There are many different averages in baseball A batting average is the number of hits divided by the number of at-bats An earned run average (ERA) is the number of runs allowed by a pitcher divided by the number of innings he has pitched if you want more kinds of averages edit question or flag it hope this helped

What are the basicskills of softball?

batting throwing catching running batting throwing catching running

Who are the top fifty lifetime batting averages?

Joe dimaggio

Explain how math is used in baseball?

People add up the scores and calculate batting averages. They count how many days remain until the end of the season.

When were walks counted as hits in major league baseball?

The practice of counting walks as hits was abandoned after the 1887 season. It made for abnormally high batting averages.

What are the differences between the rules of baseball and softball?

Differences Between Softball and Baseball The softball is usually about 12 inches in circumference, compared to 9 inches for a baseballThe ball is pitched underhand in softball, overhand in baseballThe bases are 60 feet apart in softball, 90 feet apart in baseballThere are 7 innings in a softball game, 9 in a baseball gameSoftball starting players may re-enter the game after the first substitution (a second substitution is permanent, the starter may not re-enter). In baseball, a substitution of any kind is permanentSoftball is pitched from a flat 'circle', instead of a mound, as in baseballThe softball infield is all dirt, baseball has grass in the infieldDepending on the softball governing body, distance from the pitching rubber to the plate is 43' or 45', baseball is 60'6"The outfield fences are typically 300' in softball, a little further in baseballBecause of the proximity of the pitcher to the plate, the size of the ball and a couple of other features, Softball strategy involves much more 'small ball', meaning bunting and slapping to advance runners in order to score.Other answers from the community:The objective of the games are basically the same. Balls/strikes/outs are consistent. Baseball can leave the base prior to the pitcher releasing the ball, whereas in softball the runners may not leave until the ball is released. If you are familiar with baseball, you can research softball under ASA or Pony leagues for additional information.At the minutia level of detail, softball players curiously do not wear pants, like baseball players [in 2008, the trend toward pants is gaining momentum...basically TEAM USA (the Olympic Team, is one of the last organized teams that wear shorts]. The softball is usually yellow vs. white. The softball pitcher may leave the pitching rubber during delivery before releasing the ball; in baseball this would be an illegal pitch. The softball bat is also different from a baseball bat in that it is not tapered. In ASA Softball, all players are required to have a cage attached to the batting helmet.

What muscle is used during softball?

Every Muscle is used in softball, but the main muscles are the ones on your arm for throwing and batting.

Why do softball players need to use batting gloves to play softball?

It allows better grip and also prevents blisters

What is Major League Baseball sluggers?

In baseball, a slugger is someone who hits lots of home runs. These people usually have lower batting averages than other players, but much higher home run statistics.

What is a lead off in softball?

It is the first girl in the batting order

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