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If you are failing in science, you will be ineligible to play Basketball.

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Q: How are basketball and science related and in what ways?
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Is basketball related to science?

no. basketball is a sport and science is a subject. TWO different things.

Does Sprite have anything to do with science?

Yes, all things on earth are related to science in ways

How is science and technology related to each other?

Science and technology are related in a great many ways. Technology is used to carry out scientific processes for example.

Is science and dance related?

yes there are many ways they are related like computer technology is used alot in choreography.

How does basketball relate to science?

it does

How are angles trajectories and probability related to basketball?

how is basketball related to math?

What the science related in biological science?

Science is related to science. In-fact biology is science.

How does science involve swimming?

Science is used in swimming in many different ways. From the position of your arms and your heart rate after a hard aerobic set. Aerobic and An Anaerobic is related to science and swimming. You have lactic acid after your practice. So you can see how many things are related with science and swimming.

How are headphones related to science?

(Short Answer) Technology is related to science, therefore, headphones are related to science.

What does science not study?

The human ways of video games. things that are not related to nature and things that wouldn't gave benefits to make useful predictions pertaining to science.

What is a science-related question?

A question related to science?

How are science and technology-related?

how are science and technology related?

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