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Offensively, the most glaring difference is the number of runs being scored, compared to the 1920's This can be attributed to a number of things, but mainly the reliance on the home run for offense more now, than in the 20's Looking at any statistics, such as home runs per game (per player. etc.) shows that a lot more home runs were hit "post Babe Ruth". So things like stealing bases, bunting, hit-and-run, and most things that today we consider "small-ball" were just normal parts of the game back then. Most people look at the strength of the players improving over the years, as a major factor in the power surge. Also, there were a lot larger ballpaks.

Defensively, the most obvious difference is the way managers use their pitchers.

Some good numbers to show this would be number of innings per start, for a pitcher, or number of pitchers per game, number of complete games in a year, etc. It will be obvious that back in the '20's, managers expected a lot more from their starting pitchers, and a "bullpen" wasn't turned to as often. Today, there are so many "specialist" roles in a bullpen, that a starting pitcher is sometimes only asked to get a little past the halfway point, to turn the ball over to the bullpen. Closers, "setup men", left-handed specialists, etc. are now identifiable roles that a manager has for his bullpen. The term "quality start" is only a recent term used to describe when a pitcher goes 6 innings, giving up 3 runs or less. In fact, sometimes 6 innings is all a pitcher needs to throw, to leave to applause from the home crowd.

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Q: How are baseball uniforms now different from baseball uniforms in the 1920s?
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