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Pele and Maradona were strikers, wore jersey number 10, both were leaders and scored lots of goals. Pele to me was a complete footballer. And better then maradona I feel Johan Cruyff was a better footballer.

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Q: How are Pele and Diego Maradona alike?
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Who is better Diego maradona or Pele?

Pele is better than maradona will ever be

Best footballer ever?

Diego maradona or Pele

Who are some of the most famous soccer players?

Pele or Diego Maradona

Diego maradona share the fifa player of the century award with?


Who is a better soccer player Diego maradona or Pele?

It is Pele by miles, Pele has scored over a thousand goals, and never took drugs like maradona. Mararadona was thrown out of the 1994 world cup by F.I.f.A.

Who is better Pele Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi?

Leo messi of couse dumbo

Who is the youngest player to score in a football worldcup?

david beckham diego maradona or pele

How many goals did Maradona score?

Throughout his career Diego Maradona scored 352 goals. 352 not even close to what pele scored

Famous soccer players?

Pele, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, Johan Cruyff, Michel Platini

Top 3 soccer players?

1. Pele 2. zinidane zidan 3. Diego maradona

Who is the best soccer player in the past?

Diego Armando Maradona Is 100 Times Better Than Pele

What are the name of three Latino soccer players and where are they from?

Pele, Brazil Diego Maradona, Argentina Ronaldinho, Brazil

Who is better in soccer Pele or maradona?

Pele by miles.

Who are the top 3 soccer players ever?

1. Pele 2. Hugo sanchez 3. Diego Maradona

How good is Lionel Messi in football?

Top level. Highest possible. Simply not of this world... He's up there with pele & maradona. But he has already achieved more things than diego maradona.. Now, only pele is left for him to overcome

Who is better maradona or Pele?

pele is better than ever

Did maradona ever played against Pele of Brazil?

maybe , Pele would have killed him I Maradona would go around him like a pylon that he is! Pele could not compete in the Level Maradona played in....

Who is the most famous person in football to wear the number 10 shirt?

maybe pele, but the greatest was DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA

Between Pele and Maradona who was the greatest player ever?

Pele on any day, he has 1,200 goals maradona is far away.

Is maradona better than Pele?

yes he is better than pele

What leg what foot is Diego Maradona?

Diego Maradona is a left footer.

Who are some famous soccer players from Latin America?

Diego Maradona, pele, el "pibe" Valderrama, kaka, Tevez.... Etc!

Who is the greatest soccer player ever?

AnswerThere is Two Actually Consider The Best In The Business: Edson Arantes Do Nascimento Pele and Diego Maradona. Pele played for Brazil back 1968 and Maradona played for Argentina from 1982 to 97' and is current coach for Argentina.

What is Diego maradona's wife name?

Diego Maradona's wife is named Maria.

How many assists did Diego maradona have?

Diego Maradona has 200-300 assists.