How are NCAA seeds determined?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Each teams plays

2 games against each division rival = 6 games

1 game against each team in another division but the same conference = 4 games

1 game against each team in another division that is in the opposite conference = 4 games

1 game against the teams that came in the same place as you the previous season in the same conference (ex. 2nd place in AFC East vs. 2nd place in AFC South) = 2 games

Look at the Jets schedule this season (I'm a jets fan) - they played their division rivals twice, played the entire AFC North, the entire NFC North and since they placed 2nd in their division last season, they played the Broncos and the Texans who each came in second place in their divisions as well.

Each year it a rotation- so next season the Jets will play the AFC West and NFC East plus the team that comes in second place in the AFC North and AFC South

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Besides the Super Bowl, all play-off locations are determined by the team seeding.

At the end of the regular season, the two teams with the best records in their conference receive a 1st week bye. The team with the best record is guaranteed homefield advantage through out the play offs (should the win, of course).

As the play-offs progress, when two teams are matched up, the team with the better overall regular season record almost always plays at home.

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Based on Home Field advantage, from the best records from the regular season leading into that years playoffs. Six teams from both conferences and four on each side are division leaders or the team with the best record in their divison.

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In the playoffs, it's based off of the team's record

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It is all determined based on a team's performance in their regular season, but the seeds are chosen by the NCAA Selection Committee.

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Q: How are NCAA seeds determined?
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