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Don and Dave are brothers. They both attended Virginia Tech University in the early 1970s .... Don was a quarterback and Dave was a place kicker.

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Q: How are Don Strock and Dave Strock related?
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What is the birth name of Don Strock?

Don Strock's birth name is Donald Joseph Strock.

How tall is Don Strock?

Don Strock is 6' 5".

When was Don Strock born?

Don Strock was born on November 27, 1950, in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA.

Who are the quarterbacks for the Miami Dolphins this year?

1980 - David Woodley, Bob Griese, Don Strock 1981 - David Woodley, Don Strock 1982 - David Woodley, Don Strock 1983 - David Woodley, Don Strock, Dan Marino 1984 - Dan Marino, Don Strock 1985 - Dan Marino, Don Strock 1986 - Dan Marino, Don Strock 1987 - Dan Marino, Don Strock, Kyle Mackey, Scott Stankavage 1988 - Dan Marino, Ron Jaworski 1989 - Dan Marino, Scott Secules

Who was the quarteback the won the Super Bowl for Miami?

don strock

Who were dolphin quarterbacks before marino?

David Woodley and Don Strock.

Who was the Miami Dolphins QB in 1985?

Dan Marino was starter - Don Strock was his backup.

Who was the Miami dolphin quarterback in 1981?

David Woodley was the starter and Don Strock was the backup.

Who won the Sammy Baugh Trophy in 1972?

In 1972, Don Strock of Virginia Tech won the Sammy Baugh Trophy.

When was Herbert L. Strock born?

Herbert L. Strock was born in 1918.

When did Herbert L. Strock die?

Herbert L. Strock died in 2005.

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