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Lebron has 12118 in his NBA career. A cool fact is that he's the youngest player to reach 10,000.

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Q: How any points has lebron James scored in his whole career?
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What was the most points scored by dwyane wade and LeBron James?

Lebron scored 56 for Cleveland in Toronto on March 20, 2005. Kobe scored 81 for Los Angeles against Toronto on January 22, 2006.

How many points LeBron James in his career?

16 points

What was Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James highest scoring game in the 2005-2006 season?

The most points scored by Lebron James is 56 against the Toronto Raptors in March 20 (2004-05)

Who has more points LeBron James or Dwyane Wade?

Lebron James currently has more points at a total of 17,362 career points. Dwyane Wade has a total of 13,908 for his career.

In march 2005 LeBron James was the youngest nba player to score over 50 points what age was lebron when this happend?

LeBron James was 21 when he scored 50 points

How many points does lebron James have all time in his nba career so far?

His total career points are 14, 605 according to Yahoo answers....:)

Who has scored the most points in Olympic history in basketball?

lebron james

How points does LeBron James have for his career?

something over 20,000

What basketball player had the most points in his career?

lebron james

How many many career points does lebron James have?


How many points did lebron James score on celtics in 2011?

he scored 89

Most points lebron score in a high school game?

LeBron James career high for points scored in a single game, is 56. He achieved this, in a game at Toronto on March 20, 2005.