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Q: How and when to use 4H and 4L when off-roading?
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What does 4L and 4H mean on the 2001 Kia Sportage 4WD gear?

4L is the low gear in 4WD, 4H is the high gear. Most of the time, 4L is all you'll need to get out when stuck.

How do you disengage four wheel drive 1998 Lincoln Navigator?

Shifting from 4H to 4L (and 4L to 4H) 1. Bring the vehicle to a stop. 2. Depress the brake. 3. Place the gearshift in N (Neutral). 4. Move the 4WD control to the 4H (or 4L) position. Shifting from A4WD to 4H Move the 4WD control from A4WD to 4H at any forward speed. Shifting from 2H to 4H can be done at speeds up to 88 km (55 mph).

What is the 4x4 shift pattern on a 97 sportage?

do you mean 4l and 4h, or 1,2,3,4 and r .

Are all Expedition 4x4's AWD?

All 4x4's Ford Expeditions are not AWD... I have a 1998 Ford Expedition XLT and it has (2H/AWD/4L/4H). But, my brother has a 2000 Ford Expediton EB (AWD/4L/4H).

How do you put your 2004 Jeep Liberty into 4 wheel drive?

To go from 2w to part-time 4h put the transmission into N, while coasting at anywhere up to 40mph and pull the lever up to 4h. To go to 4l from 4h you have to coast at around 2-3mph put the transmission into N and push down on the lever a little and then pull it up into 4l.

How do you use the 4x4 on 1991 Chevy Silverado?

I have a 91 also. For 4h i put the tranny in neutral even though you don't have to and then shift the lever to 4h then the tranny back into drive. For me it seems to activate faster if i put the truck in neutral instead of shifting on the fly. For 4L you have to put the tranny in neutral and shift from 2H to 4L quickly without stopping it in neutral otherwise the gears will grind. Once its in 4L you can put the tranny back into drive and your good to go.

What if your ford expedition will not switch to 4h 4awd or 4l?

More than likely the solenoid on the transfer case is bad.

What is the shift pattern of the transfer case on a 1972 Jeep CJ5?

If it is the same as my 1974 cj5, then its 1. 4L 2. N 3. 4H 4. 2H My 75 has a pattern of (starting with shifter full forward), which is the same on all Dana 20 transfer cases 4H 2H N 4L

What are the best trucks to use for offroading and looks?

One of the best trucks to use for offroading and looks is the Land Rover Defender.

When you try to engage your 4high from 2 4h and 4l flashes green and it wont engage yet you can hear 4l engage when you put it in 4l?

when i try to engage 4xhigh from2xh both 4xh and 4xlow flasg green and wont engage,what could be the problem

What is the Shift pattern for transfer case on 1971 ford bronco?

t handle shifter has a pattern of 2H, 4H, N, 4L

How to Engage 4 wheel drive on 1998 Expedition?

There should be a dial next to the temperature controls that say... 2wd/awd/4l/4h