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I took my car around the block and then did a run and the nike plus was spot on.

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Q: How accurate is 'Nike plus' in tracking distance?
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What is a Nike plus iPod sensor?

It is a sensor that is bought separately from the iPod or iPhone. It is place in the bottom of a Nike plus shoe to help you with running. It tell you your pace, jog time, distance and your remaining time or distance.

What is the difference between Nike plus and Nike plus Active?

They have different names

How does the Nike plus sportband track your distance?

is adds your total distance and speed times the temperaturs and it tells u how many cubic feet you've truly walked.

Does the Nike plus come with the Nike shoe?

yes you do. and you can't just buy any of the nike shoes they have. you have to buy the ones with the nike plus symbol on the bottom of the shoe. they're usually the running or fitness shoes that have them

What is best shoe brand?

Nike, Puma, and Adidas's my favorite is Nike plus Nike brand lasts the longest so It is probably Nike but Puma and Adidas are nice too.

Where should I shop for running shoes on sale?

There are many different running shoes that are currently on sale including Nike Flex Trail, Nike Flex 2012, adidas Kanadia TR4, Nike Lunar Swift Plus 4, Nike Air Alvord 10, Nike Zoom Vomero Plus 7, Nike Air Icarus PLus. You can find these at

Can you use Nike plus iPod with an iPod Classic?

no. the iPod classic does not have the wireless receiver needed to be used with Nike Plus iPod.

Where on your Nike shoe do you place the Nike plus sensor?

In the heel under the removable insert.

What is a Nike plus sensor?

Dnt know

What does it mean when your shoes have the Nike plus iPod sign?

This means that it is compatible with the Nike App on your iPod or iPhone.

Does nike plus work with the iPhone 3g?


Do Nike football plus codes work?