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Q: How about red card in European champions league?
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Does champions league red card affect English premier league?

The red card in a champion league and in the E.P. Are in no way connected.

Does English premier league red card affect champions league?

The red card in a champion league and in the E.P. Are in no way connected.

How does a player get suspended from champions league final?

A player gets suspended if he gets a red card in the match right before the final. for ex- John Terry got a red card v/s Barcelona and thus missed the Champions League final in 2012.

Why was Didier Drogba sent off against Manchester United in the 2008 Champions League final?

Didier Drogba received a red card in the 2008 Champions League final against Manchester United because the Chelsea player slapped Man United's captain Nemanja Vidic right in front of the referee of the match.

How many times have Red Star won the Champions League?


What colour is the 2011 wembley champions league final ball?

white with red stars

What color are Manchester United wearing in the 2009 champions league final?

They were wearing their red jerseys.

When was the worst final in the uefa champions league played?

Olyimpic Marseille -Red Star in 1991

Does a premier league red card ban be applied to a league cup game?


What happens if you get a red card in the premier league?

Same as any other league you get a warning 2 yellow cards in one game will get you suspended for a game

What teams from a capital city have won the Champions League?

Real Madrid,ajax,benfica,red star Belgrade and steaua bucherest.

Red card means you are out for how many games?

It depends on what tournament or league you are playing in.