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first a bill is only an idea, then it becomes a bill if the people like it and then it becomes a law

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Q: How a bill becomes a bill?
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What happens when the president signs a bill?

The president signs a bill after the legisilative branch approves it. The president (executive branch) enforces or carries out a law ( or bill. )

What happens after the president signs a bill?

When the president signs the bill, it becomes law. If the president refuses, the bill is vetoed, but if a two thirds vote by Congress, it can still become law.

When a bill is passed it becomes a?

I'm pretty sure that it becomes a law

If the president sign a bill what will happen to the bill?

It becomes law with his signature.

Is it important that no branch has complete control over whether a bill becomes a law?

Yes! It's VERY important that no branch has complete control over wheather a bill becomes a bill!

What do a bill and a law have in common?

A 'bill' is what the legislation is called before it becomes a 'law.'

What is a law before it becomes one?

A bill.

Are there poems on how a bill becomes a law?


Can a bill become a law even if the Governor did not sign it in Arizona?

Yes. Once the governor receives a bill, he can sign it, veto it, or do nothing. If he signs it, the bill becomes law. If he does nothing, the bill becomes law without his signature.

Why is the bill so important?

Because the bill stage is the stage before a bill becomes a law. Then bill is not yet offical.

What happens to a bill if the president signs a bill to congress during the time allowed?

the bill becomes the law

Legislative bill becomes law when the president neither signs or vetoes the bill?

What is it called when a bill becomes law if the President does not sign it nor veto it ,after so many days?