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Yes he has. He donated $1M dollars to the Animal Hospital Foundation of America to help recover the dogs he hurt during his dogfighting program and as well as to help recover many other dogs involved in animal cruelty.

He also started his own charity called the Michael Vick foundation which donated thousands and thousands of backpacks and school supplies to the people in need.

On top of that, Michael is traveling all of the United States from school to school talking about how bad dogfighting is, how bad it could affect you if you did it, and he shares his inspirational story on how he got back on his feet after all that happened.

Michael Vick is a very caring and loving man, in my opinion, he made a big mistake, we all make mistakes but since he had a decent amount of money, Vick has been donating to hundreds of charities to help the needy out.

There is not an exact amount of total money he donated to charities but all together, experts think he donated a total of $31M dollars since his NFL career started in 2001. $31M dollars is quite a lot, he is a good guy. Many people think bad of him because of the dogfighting incident.

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12 teeth from the k-9 that bit him in the ass!

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Q: How Much Money Does Michael Vick Have Left?
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