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about $50.00

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Q: How Much Is a special edition Spalding basketball worth?
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How Much Is Spalding basketball worth?

about 14 or 20 dollars

How Much Is Spalding space jam basketball worth?

i have one too

What is the value of an autographed vince carter 1999 rookie of the year spalding basketball in the box?

The value of the 1999 Spalding autographed basketball featuring rookie of the year Vince Carter, Toronto Raptors, is approximately worth $100. The basketball is a limited edition - 5,000 in circulation. The value may be plus $30-$40 in the Toronto marketplace.

How much is a special edition armscor 38 special revolver worth?

Depends on what the special edition is, but an armscor .38 Spl is worth about $215 to $220 New

How much is a speciasl edition furby worth?

Some Special Edition furbys are worth up to $700

Is it worth trying to trade circulated special edition coins?

yes they are worth loads

How much would a Hardee's big 8 conference limited 1994 edition basketball be?

how much is a hardees big 8 basketball worth

What is a special edition knife E12CP from Ernie Irvin's collection worth?


How much are spalding golf clubs worth?

they are worth about 10 bucks a set

How much would a special edition 2 pound coin be worth now?


How much is a 1995 special edition barbie doll worth?

Around $30 to $45.

How much does a real basketball cost?

It depends on what you call a real basketball and your age and level of game. Spalding's basketballs (official basketball of the NBA) usually cost under 25.00. The spalding official size street basketball costs 14.38. The official NBA varsity ball costs 13.15. The new Spalding never flat ball costs 22.14. The Spalding official indoor/outdoor basketball costs 30.43. The Spalding NBA official game ball basketball is 87.99. In my opinion if you want the real deal I would get the NBA official game ball basketball. Even though its costly it is worth it. Keep in mind though that the ball was made to be played indoors not outdoors. If you play outdoors I recommend the never flat ball since it lasts long. The only problem with it is that it is a bit bouncy. these are only a few basketballs. if you want to check them all out go to this site: for a quiz picking the best ball for you go to this site: prices gathered from

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