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Firstly, in dealing with criminals, Martial Arts training for Law Enforcement officers such as the police plays an important role in subduing violent criminals without necessarily harming them, such as by the use of a martial art like JuJutsu. The officer can survive a criminal attack, and then restrain the criminal; also there are then techniques that can be used called "Come-Alongs" for safely applying a lock that enables the officer to take a criminal along to the lockup.

Secondly, those youths who would otherwise grow up under the influence of gang cultures and neglecting parents and societies, in poverty and violence etc, if they are channeled into training in a martial art, they are introduced into macho world of warrior practices and discipline. The exciting training captures their minds, provides health and fitness and survival in the streets. Martial arts develop character and spirit and the courage to say "No" to criminal peers. The student learns self control, learns to control their own often stressed and powerful emotions. Martial Arts students rarely become criminals.

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Q: How Martial Arts helps in curbing criminality's?
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