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They are champions and a stylish/not dirty team.

--That's a terrible answer. Every club could claim the same thing.

-- I agree. Not dirty team? LOL. There anything but.

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Q: How Manchester United Became So Popular?
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Has the Socceroos and Manchester United Vesed each other and if so what was the result?

5-1 to Manchester united

If Manchester United football club moved its ground to delph in Yorkshire would it still be Manchester United and if so why?

Delph is not in Yorkshire, It is in Lancashire. Yes Manchester United would still be, as Manchester is part of Lancashire.

Did Manchester united used to be called Manchester bewries?

yes no maybe so

How many goals Owen have scored for Manchester united?

Michael Owen has scored three goals for Manchester United in the preseason, but he has not scored a goal for Manchester United in the E.P.L so far.

What was Manchester United called in 1930?

The club was originally called Newton Heath LYR Football Club, the club changed its name to Manchester United in 1902, so in 1930 it was called Manchester United.

Is Manchester united in salford or actually in Manchester?

Old Trafford (the home of Manchester United) falls under the borough of Trafford, Greater Manchester but is a short distance from the Salford borough limits so technically it is in neither.

Has there ever been a player transferred indirectly from Liverpool to Manchester United or Manchester United to Liverpool?

So far, in 2009. There is Michael Owen.

Which team has Ryan giggs scored most goals?

As he has played only for Manchester United, so he has scored most goals for Manchester United,

Which footballers played for Manchester city and Manchester united?

So far I kow one-- Carlos Tevez

Do Man United play in Manchester?

They play on Old Trafford, which is located in Manchester. So yes, they certainly do.

Do Manchester united pay the ref so they can win?


Why does Manchester united always win?

Because they are so good