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There are self adhesive cable guides available, but they're not strong enough to be used as an end point for a cable sleeve. If you want something like that it'd have to be bonded in with the appropriate glue, and that's the kind of work that takes some skill if you want to avoid damaging the frame.

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Q: How Can you attach a cable stay to a carbon fiber bike frame?
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What is lighter carbon fiber or aluminum?

It's just as much about the build as it is about the material. A poorly engineered carbon fibre frame can be heavier than a well engineered aluminum frame. But, if both frames are made equally well, then the Carbon fibre frame should be lighter.

Can make a carbon fiber gun?

well, since I own and shoot one- yes, they can be made. The barrel is steel, the frame of the gun is carbon fiber. Mine is a Bushmaster CARbon 15.

How do you make tubular bicycle frame from carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber sheets are actually laid into a mold that molds the outside shape of the carbon fiber. Inside, an inflatible bladder maintains the inside tubular shape. One the carbon fiber is placed inside a "pressure cooker" (under pressure and under high heat), the carbon fiber hardens into it's tubular shape.

What materials are carbon framed bicycle made of?

A carbon fiber bicycle frame consists of carbon fibers and a resin (usually epoxy)binding the fibers together.

How many kg of carbon fiber is used to build fixie's frame?

Maybe 300 grams or so

Which MAFR frame is used?

Bicycle frames are made of alloys, carbon fiber, steel, titanium, or bamboo.

Why is aluminum used for a bike frame?

It's strong enough, lighter than steel and cheaper than carbon fiber and titanium.

Where can one find a carbon bike?

Carbon Road Bike A good carbon-fiber frame has a blend of carbon fibers of different types, each used indifferent places in a frame for very specific purposes. Carbon fiber is a great bike material for two reasons. First, it's stiffer at lower weight than almost any other material we know of Carbon Road Bike- Carbon Fiber Road Bicycle, we offer different type carbon fiber bicycle with different options group set. R11 DI2 Disc Break Carbon Road Bike, R11 PRO Disc Break Carbon Road Bike, R11 STD Disc Break Carbon Road Bike, R12 DI2 AERO Disc Break Carbon Road Bike. The tubing on these Carbon Road Bike is significantly thicker and far more resistant to impact while still being lightweight.

How to Jump start pt cruiser?

There is a remote positive terminal for jumping. It looks like a battery post, and is labeled accordingly. The red cable attaches to this post. The black cable will attach to any sufficient grounding point such as the frame or chassis.

How do you attach french air force tap canvas pack y straps to the body?

You don't. You mount the pack on a frame--if you can find one--and attach the Y straps to the frame.

How do I install negative battery cable for 2000 Ford escape do I have to go to the starter or can I just attach it to the frame or engine block?

The negative cable almost always goes to the engine block then it has a strap that grounds the block to the frame and body. There could be several of these "straps" or wires. They usually look like a braided metal rope except flattened out. I hope this helps you.

How do you attach the backing of a picture frame to the frame?

On the back of picture frame backings are hooks. when you get everything in the picture frame you just take your finger and move the hook under the frame.