How to make Idli batter?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Idli is very tasty with sambhar

First step mix all materials Sooji,Salt and rai then leave it for 15 minutes

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Q: How to make Idli batter?
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Which bacteria present in idli batter?

Saccharomyces cerevisiae(a yeast)

How do you use an Idli cooker?

I hope you are referring to the idli stand. If you have the idli batter with you, here's what you have to do: 1. Take a pressure cooker; pour some water in it. 2. Apply a drop of oil with your finger on all of the idli moulds...just to prevent it from sticking. 3. Pour the batter in the mould and stack the stand one above the other. 4. Place it in the pressure cooker...make sure that the lower level of the batter is not submerged under water. 5. Close the pressure cooker....BUT DO NOT PLACE THE WHISTLE. Place it on a gas stove and steam for about 20 min.

What to add if the dosa batter turns sour?

You can soak handful of poha n 1/4 cup rice together for 30 minutes and grind to a smooth paste n add it to your fermented idli batter...if you have rice rawa you can use that also instead of rice... hope this is helpful to you :-) let me know how you solved it to make idli :)

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How do you make idli?

very famous and delicious breakfast of south india. preparation : idli rice- 4 cups urad dal-1 cup methi - 2 tbsp soak rice and methi for min 4 hours and dal for min of 2 hours. always use grinder to prepare the batter if mixie then batter wont be fluffy and end up with hard idlis first grinde methi then add dal to it add water little by little (dont pour) till you get fluffy consistency. take away dal batter in vessel . then add rice and grind it to fine .mix it all add crystal salt.mix it well. allow to ferment for 8 hours. note:before preparing idlis mix the batter from top to bottom since rice is heavier it settle down in vessel and dhal at the top .mix well.cook it for not more than 5 minutes

How do you make natural hair care products?

make an idli powder like that add curry leaves powder and fenugreek powder add a pinch of tri pala churanam.take that powder with idli dosa with rice also dhalls have proteins also

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What is idly rich in?

Idly is prepared from a batter which is made of fermented rice. this fermentation allows the idli to increase its nutritional value as due to fermentation there is less cholesterol and high protein content.

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