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He has one son named Baylen Robert Brees and he has another boy on the way.

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Q: How many children does Drew Brees have?
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What is drew brees baby named?

Drew Brees currently has two children --- Baylen and Bowen Brees.

How many children does drew breeze have?

Drew Brees has 2 sons, Baylen and Bowen.

Does Drew Brees wife have any children before she married drew?

Brittany Brees has had two sons, both born to her and Drew, as of January 2012

Is Drew Brees an awesome quarterback?

To many, Drew Brees is indeed an awesome quarterback.

How many kids does Drew Brees have?

As of 2020 Drew Brees has three boys. Baylen, 9 Bowen, 7, and Callen, 5

How many games has Drew Brees played quarterback in?

nobody knows how many games drew brees has played

How many passing yards did Drew Brees have in 2006?

Drew Brees had 4418 passing yards

How many children does Drew Brees have?

He has one son named Baylen Robert Brees and he has another boy on the way.

How many probowls does drew brees has?

Drew Brees has been elected to the Pro Bowl 5 times.

Was there a Drew Brees that played for the Cowboys?

There was a Drew Bledsoe, but not a Drew Brees.

What faith is Drew Brees?

Drew Brees is Christian.

What religion is Drew Brees?

Drew Brees is a Christian.

How is the GOAT Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, or Peyton Manning?

Drew Brees

Who does Drew Brees go out with?

Drew Brees is often seen out with his wife, Brittany Brees.

What is Drew Brees' brother's name?

Drew Brees' brother's name is Reid Brees.

What nicknames does Drew Brees go by?

Drew Brees goes by Cool Brees, and Breesus.

Does Drew Brees drink?

i'd drink Drew Brees.

Who is better Brett Favre or Drew Brees?

Drew Brees!

Who is the best Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees?

drew brees

What is the birth name of Drew Brees?

Drew Brees's birth name is Andrew Christopher Brees.

Is Drew Brees married?

Yes, Drew Brees is married. His wife's name is Brittany Brees.

How many Pro Bowls has Drew Brees been to?

In all of his career, Drew Brees has been to four Pro Bowls.

How many records has Drew Brees broken?

Drew Brees has broken 43 records since starting the NFL with the Chargers.

When was Drew Brees born?

Drew Brees was born on January 15, 1979

Where was drew brees born?

Drew Brees was born in Austin, Texas.

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