How did leo messi earn fame?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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you have to keep answering questions to earn more coins.

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Makaylah Montaque

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Lionel Messi got his name because of the belief that he had some psychic power.

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because he felt like it

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Q: How did leo messi earn fame?
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Is leo messi?

Leo Messi is a professional football player from Argentina.

Does Lionel messi have a website?

Yes. Just search for Leo Messi and look for Leo Messi's official website.

Is Leo missie the best soccer player?

no. Leo Messi is.

What is Leo Messi income?

messi gets £27302000 every year !

Who is faster Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo messi?

Leo messi of course!!!

Where does Leo Messi play for?


Gamuza from cebollitas is Leo messi?


Cristiono Ronaldo?

Leo Messi

Who is antonella messi?

Antonella is the girlfriend of Leo messi , but her name is Antonella Roccuzzo.

What is Messi's full name?

his middle name is Andreas

Who does Leo Messi admires?

steven Gerrard

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