Hockey is to stick as cricket is to?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Q: Hockey is to stick as cricket is to?
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How is a cricket bat different hockey stick?

A cricket bat and a hockey stick varies in shape. A cricket bat has a short handle and a long flat head. A hockey stick has a long handle and a curves short head.

What is a sportin India?

cricket Hockey cricket Hockey

What are facts about the winter Olympics sport hockey?

hockey is a sport where you use a hockey stick and a ball.

Is hockey better than cricket?

Hockey is obviously superior to cricket. Hockey is about manly stuff while cricket is just plain gay and is anus. Suck it midget boy

What do you call a hockey players stick?

(Hockey) stick.

Where can you play stick cricket?

You can play Stick Cricket at

Why was the hockey stick invented?

The hockey stick was invented to use along with the hockey puck in the game of hockey. The Mi'kmaq people of Nova Scotia are credited with inventing the hockey stick.

When was Stichtse Cricket en Hockey Club created?

Stichtse Cricket en Hockey Club was created in 1906.

How do you make a hockey stick?

you first need to get wood and then carve it to hockey stick form. then paint it to make it an officully hockey stick.

Is warrior mojo hockey stick an ice hockey stick?

Yes it is a ice hockey stick a friend of mine uses and has one.

Why in India cricket is more glamorized sport then its national game hockey?

Cricket in India is more popular than Hockey, because, Indian have always been better at cricket than their national sport, Hockey. Since India was once the best in the world at cricket, the Indians gave up their encouragement towards India for Hockey. Cricket is currently India's No. 1 sport! India was once the best at hockey, but, after years when cricket was discovered in India, Hockey was almost forgotten! But India is still known for Hockey and is great at it as well as cricket!

When was the hockey stick invented?

In soviet russia, hockey stick invent you.