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the most popular hobbies in Greece are Basketball , volley , tennis etc , playing an instrument or spending time on the computers..

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Q: Hobbies in Greece
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What were common hobbies in ancient Greece?

making pots

What kind of hobbies does Greece have?

Greek people's hobbies are hunting, shooting with bow and arrows, playing with balls ,and many more!!!

What are the hobbies of people in Greece?

People in Greece like to watch soccer, and play basketball and soccer. Also, they like go to cafés and at night they like to go out for drinks. In addition, people in Greece like to go to concerts or to theaters to watch plays.

Hestia was the Greek goddess of hearth homes househods and hearth fire Based on her personality her hobbies were probably sewing or weaving as you would do in Ancient Greece?

No, her hobbies were not weaving or sewing; she tended the hearth fires of household and city - a goddess of cooking.

What were Helen of Sparta's hobbies?

I have exclusive information that she was into baseball. Hobbies and past time activities in ancient Greece were theater, listening to stories from ''aidos'' (like a bard), games with dices and small balls (''oboloi'') and for women, specially of royal lineage, weaving.

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