History of volley ball

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Volleyball was invented by a YMCA employee in 1895 in Massachusetts. He designed it with rules from handball as well as tennis.

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Q: History of volley ball
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History volley ball in the world Africa and Ethiopia?

history of vally ball in africa

How do you say you like volley ball in french?

Volley, volley-ball

Who is the most successful team in volley ball history and in olympic history?

the USthe US

What is Weight and size of volley ball?

what is a ball circumfrance in volley ball

How do you say volley-ball in Quebec?

volley ball in quebec

How do you spell volley ball in French?

It is spelled the same, le volley or le volley-ball.

What to volley the ball means?

VOLLEY BALL means the action of keeping the ball in play

What is the difference between a half volley and volley in soccer?

A volley is where the ball is kicked without bouncing, a half volley is where the ball has bounced and the ball is kicked on it's way up.

Is kicking allowed in volley ball?

no because volley ball is game where you can only hit the ball

What is the weight of volley ball?

volley ball weight is 240-280 grams

What is needed to play volley ball?

You need a volley ball and a net + people

Are the balls the same for beach volley ball and indoor volley ball?

No the ball for volleyball is much lighter

What is a dive in volley ball?

A dive is when you go for the ball [To fall on the ground or to land on knees to hit the volley ball]

Do ethiopians play volley ball?

yes, Ethiopians play volley ball but there are not widely known by it.

Can you kick the ball in beach volley ball?

no you can not

What equipment is needed to play volley ball?

all you need is a volley ball net a court and a ball and about 7 players

How much people make up a volley ball court?

there are 6 people on a volley ball cort

What are the NGB rules for volleyball?

1.) not to fight in volley ball 2.) not to fight over the ball 3.) not to run away with the ball 4.) never to curse at the volley ball teacher 5.) do what the volley ball teach say

What are the Materials of volley ball?

Net, Ball, Players.

What is it when the ball lands on the line in volley ball?

If your asking if its IN or OUT. its IN

What valley ball mean?

what it means to volley the ball

When was a special ball created for volley ball?


What is volley ball history?

how the sport came about, origins, progression of the sport - expansion, growing popularity, etc. does that answer your question?

What is ball in play in volley ball?

When the ball is in the air and still alive

What is the objective of volley ball?

to win.