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Well I know that the inventor of the gasoline powered car has been widely recognized as Karl Benz.

In 1886, Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach invented the first four wheeled car powered by a four-stroke gasoline engine.

Rudolph Diesel developed the first diesel engine.

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Q: History of gasoline and diesl engine?
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Why is diesl fuel so muck higher then gasoline?

Diesel fuel is usually expensive than gasoline because, diesel undergoes many expensive processes in the refinery than gasoline.

Internal combustion engine of a gasoline engine?

a gasoline engine is an Internal combustion engine

What came first petrol engine or diesel engine?

The gasoline engine came first. The gasoline engine was invented and patented in 1823 with the first efficient gasoline engine developed in 1876. The diesel was invented in 1893 which was 70 years after the gasoline engine.

What will happen if premium gasoline is put into a diesel engine?

If you're asking what will happen if you put gasoline in a diesel engine, the engine will be destroyed if you run it on gasoline.

What are the differences of internal combustion and gasoline engine?

and internal combustion engine and a gasoline engine are the same thing.

What is a gasoline engine?

That's an engine that burns gasoline, to produce motion. Many car engines use gasoline as fuel.

Types of engine according to fuel used?

all engine using gasoline (whether regular or premium) as fuel is called gasoline engine. motorcycle engine. generetors, buses. are example of gasoline engine

Can you use diesel oil in gasoline engine?

NO, do not use diesel oil and a gasoline engine.

Which engine is more efficient diesel engine or gasoline engine?

Diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline engines.

Gasoline in diesel engine?

Gasoline engine is an internal combustion engine where a diesel is an internal compression engine. Gasoline is highly flammable and explodes when an electrical spark is applied to it where diesel explodes when it is put under pressure

What will happen if you mix diesel and gasoline?

Mix diesel in a gasoline engine and it will stall or run very poorly depending on how much you mixed in. Mix gasoline in a diesel engine and you will have engine damage.

Why you cannot use diesel in petrol engine?

A gasoline engine will not run on diesel and a diesel engine will be destroyed if you run it on gasoline. Click the link.