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Carlton Fisk

#27 was retired for Fisk in Boston and #72 was retired for him in Chicago.

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Q: His number was retired by both the White Sox and Red Sox?
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How do you get your number retired by the Boston Red Sox?

you rake

What number was retired from Ted Williams by the Boston Red Sox?

Number 9

Who wore number 72 for the White Sox?

Carlton Fisk wore #72 for the White Sox during his time there between 1981-1993. Fisk signed with the White Sox in 1981 after having been with the Red Sox since 1969. His number with the Red Sox was 27 but that number was taken so he reversed the digits and wore 72. The White Sox retired the number in 1997.

Retired Boston Red Sox numbers?

The retired numbers by the Red Sox are 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 14, and 27. Number 42 is also retired by the Red Sox as well as all of baseball.

What is Ted Williams Jersey number with the Boston Red Sox?

His number was 9, they retired it in 1984.

Who is number 14 on the Red Sox?

There isn't a #14 on the Red Sox, because Jim Rice was #14 and his number got retired.

What retired mlb players wear the number 2?

Red Schoendienst (Cardinals), Nellie Fox (White Sox), Tommy Lasorda (Dodgers), and Charlie Gehringer (Tigers).

What Red Sox players wore number six?

Johnny Pesky wore number six. That number is now retired.

Who is the most famous red wing to wear number 9?

Gordie Howe. His #9 is also retired by the Red Wings.

Does bone marrow produce red and white blood cells?

yes it produces both red and white

What number did Carl Yastrzemski of the Boston Red Sox wear?

Yaz wore #8 for the Red Sox between 1961-1983. The number was retired in 1989.

What was Ted William's number with the Boston Red Sox?

Ted Williams wore #9 for the Boston Red Sox and that number has since been retired by the team.

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