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chaminda vaas.........he picks up 4 wickets in the first over of the match against the Bangladesh

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Q: Highest wicket taker in one over of one day international?
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Who is Highest Wicket taker In Test Match in Single Over?

zaheer khan

Who is the highest wicket taker in World Cup?

Glenn McGrath with 71 Wickets over all World cup matches and 26 in single World cup Series

How is height wicket taker over all world cup match?

Glenn McGrath. He took 71 wickets in world cup.

What do you call an over in which the takes a wicket but the batters do not score runs?

maiden wicket or wicket maiden

What is maiden wicket?

A maiden wicket is a term used when a bowler bowls his full quota of 6 balls in the over and does not concede any run and also manages to take a wicket. If the over does not concede any runs it is called a maiden over.

How do you bowl around the wicket in cricket Wii?

press either the + or - buttons to toggle between over and around the wicket

What is suresh raina favorite shot?

over mid wicket

Who has taken maximum wicket in one over?

most of them took 3 wikets only

Has anyone ever taken a 6-wicket maiden as the opening over of a cricket match?


Which NZ player took the winning wicket over Pakistan in the 1st test in 2009?

Shane Bond was great in that test but Daniel Vetttori took the honours of taking the last wicket.

What is the definition of an account manager?

An over paid order taker...An over paid order taker...What does a Managerial Accountant do?The process of identifying, measuring, analyzing, interpreting, and communicating information for the pursuit of an organization's goals.This is also known as "cost accounting."

Who bowled a double wicket maiden over in t20?

shoaib akhtar vs south Africa october 2010

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