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Q: Highest scoring soccer match
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What is the highest scoring match in a soccer world cup?

Yugoslavia vs Zaire 1974

What is the highest scoring match in the football world cup?

Hungary10-El Salvador

Who is highest run scorer in a test match?

Brian Lara scoring 400

What is the highest scoring professional football match?

The highest scoreline in professional football was when Abroath beat Bon Accord 36 - 0 in a Scottish Cup match on the 12th of September 1885. I dont know the scorers, but i hope this answer helps :) This is for football as in soccer though

Which is the highest scoring match in the history of World cup?

The quarter-final match between Austria and Switzerland in 1954 fifa world cup is the highest scoring match in the history of fifa world cup. 12 goals were scored in the match. Austria 7-5 Switzerland.

What is the soccer scoring system?

For every goal that is scored a point is awarded to the scoring team. Whoever has the most goals at the end of the match wins.

What was the highest scoring match at the 2002 world cup finals?

germany vs saudi arabia

What record has Lionel Messi broke?

Lionel broke the country record in scoring the perfect goal at the soccer match

What is shutout in soccer called?

A shutout is when one team prevents the other team from scoring at all during a match.

How many people have gone to a live soccer match?

The highest is 85,000 at Stamford Bridge.

When does soccer match end?

what soccer match

What is the highest scoring game in a UEFA Champions League match?

the apples vs the bannas the score was settled when they shat themselves

Highest amount of goals scored in an engkish soccer match?

The highest score in an English Premier League (formed in 1992) match was Manchester United 9 Ipswich 0

Who was highest soccer goal scorer in one match?

Nicolas tzelepis he scored 10 he is the greatest!!

What is the highest score in an international soccer match?

Australia beat American Samoa 31-0

Is soccer a high scoring game?

No. Many soccer games end in 0-0 ties, and a team scoring more than 5 goals in a professional competitive match is uncommon. This is in contrast to a sport like Cricket, wherein hundreds of runs are routinely scored.

When did nsw win last state of origin?

Highest scoring match: NSW 56-16 at Stadium Australia on June 7, 2000 Lowest scoring match: Queensland 2, NSW 0 at Sydney Football Stadium on May 15, 1995

What was the highest tied soccer match?

15-9 Germany vs. Austrailia 1989 World Cup

What are the most points that can be scored in a soccer match?

There is no maximum for professional leagues, but junior leagues may have scoring limits. This is completely dependent on your local league.

How can you watch a live soccer match?

Go to where the soccer match is being played!

When did Super Match Soccer happen?

Super Match Soccer happened in 1998.

When was Super Match Soccer created?

Super Match Soccer was created in 1998-08.

Who played in the highest scoring 7-5 fifa world cup match?

Austria overcame Switzerland in the 12-goal thriller in their 1954 quarter final.

What was the highest scoring Redskins versus Cowboys match?

Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys are american football teams. Both of them plays in NFL, the National Football League. Most scoring between them was 45-21 for Cowboys in the 1970s.

How many subs in a soccer game?

In a soccer match you can only have three,3, substitutes in a match.