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Florida gators i won 91 -21

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Q: Highest scoring ncaa football 2009 football team?
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What is the highest scoring ncaa football game?

222-0, Georgia Tech over Cumberland, 1916

What was the highest scoring NCAA football game?

The most points scored by one team was 222 by Georgia Tech

Highest scoring player to never play in an NCAA tournament?

The highest scoring player to never play in the NCAA tournament is also the highest scoring college player in NCAA hstory: LSU's Pete Maravich is the all-time leading NCAA Division I scorer with 3,667 points and an average of 44.2 points per game.

Which is better NCAA football 2009 or Madden NFL football 2009?

Madden 2009 is better.

Are there any NCAA football 2009 cheats?


When is NCAA football signing day 2009?

Feb 4th 2009

Which football team won the 2009 NCAA football championship?

Florida gators

What ncaa football team has the highest ACT score?

carolina gamecocks

What is the highest score in college football?

The record for the highest scoring NCAA football game ever belongs to a game played between Georgia Tech and Cumberland in 1916. The game ended with a result of 222-0 in favor of Georgia Tech.

Where can you find the rules of NCAA football?

Who holds the highest scoring average in a men's NCAA tournament and the second highest scoring average as well?

Austin Carr 52.7 (158 points in 3 games), Notre Dame, 1970 41.7 (125 in 3), Notre Dame, 1971

Which NCAA football team won the championship game in 2009?

Florida Gators