Highest rugby score ever

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Way back in 1996 I played for Norwich 1st XV in a Norfolk Cup fixture v Eccles & Attleborough RFC . The final score was 177-3 in our favour (as a winger I scored 7 tries that day (making me top try scorer), it was the most tries I ever scored in one match). I believe that officially it was the highest score in competitive Rugby union in Great Britain at that point. What ever the situation now, I can confirm that every one of the Norwich players scored on the day except for poor old Barry O' Sullivan (playing at O centre) and Simon Vavasour (at hooker) who crossed the line and touched down but was denied by a (behind the play and very tired) ref. If this score has been bested I am not aware of it but it was a long time ago. Eccles & Attleborough took us to their local pub and led the singing that night, such was the camaraderie of rugby union in those amateur days. To reminisce contact me at

Ed Steed - posted 16.01.2011

In 1994, Hong Kong beat Singapore 164-13

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Q: Highest rugby score ever
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