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ray Allen Boston 2010 7 3s

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2011-09-13 03:52:55
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Q: Highest 3 pointer scorer in nba finals match?
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Who is highest goal scorer in the ongoing euro 2008 finals?

The highest goal scorer is David Villa for Spain. He scored a hat-trick on Spain's first match in the Euro 08, and many more in the others following.

Who is highest run scorer in a test match?

Brian Lara scoring 400

Who was highest soccer goal scorer in one match?

Nicolas tzelepis he scored 10 he is the greatest!!

Which batsman is the highest run scorer in a cricket test match in a single day?


What was the highest scoring match at the 2002 world cup finals?

germany vs saudi arabia

Who is the highest goal scorer in uefa champions league cup in a match?

It is Filippo Inzaghi , the Italian with 70 goals .

Who is the highest cricket run scorer ever in all forms of the game?

Sachin Tendulkar is the highest test match run scorer of all time But in all forms of the game, that record goes to Graham Gooch with appx 65,000 runs.

Who holds the record of the highest scorer in one match of the IPL Cricket?

Till the 4th season of the IPL, Brendon McCullum holds the record of the highest score; 158 not out.

Who has scored most tries in rugby union in all matches?

daisuke ohata of japan is the highest test match scorer. There are no easily identifiable records for the highest scorer for all matches without identifiying down to club levels world wide.

Oldest World Cup player?

Roger Milla, Cameroon in the 1994 finals. He was 42 years and 39 days old in the match against Russia. He also became the oldest scorer in a FIFA World Cup in that match.

Who is the highest scorer in twenty 20 cricket?

If it is for highest career runs, it is Brendon McCullum of New Zealand with 1245 runs and it it for a single match, it is Chris Gayle of West Indies with 117 runs.

What is the highest score in World Cup?

The first round match between Hungary and El Salvador in the 1st Round which Hungary won 10-1 is the highest recorded score in the World Cup finals

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