High school lacrosse

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The game of Lacrosse played by high school students

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Q: High school lacrosse
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High school rankings?

you can get high school lacrosse rankings on they have all of the states and high schools that play lacrosse competitively

What percentage of high school lacrosse players play college lacrosse?

12.5% or 1/8th of high school laxers play in college

When is lacrosse season for high school?


How many high schools play lacrosse?

There are 46 states that offer lacrosse as a sport in high school. Pennsylvania alone has 90 high schools that play lacrosse.

Can you play baseball and lacrosse in high school?

At my high school we couldn't play two sports at once, but you should play Lacrosse, its more fun

Can you celebrate in high school lacrosse?

No,but highfives are acceptable.

When did Paul Rabil start lacrosse?

Paul Rabil got serious about Lacrosse as a freshmen in high school

How many high school lacrosse teams are there in America?


How many high school boys play lacrosse?


What percent of high school lacrosse players play college lacrosse?

About 9.8 million people are very good at lacrosse Take the number of lacrosse players that play in college. Take the number of players that play in high-school. Divide the amount that play in college by the amount that play in high-school. The answer (which will be a decimal) id the percentage. -ex. 0.15 = 15%

How many games does High school lacrosse play?

for my high school in Pennsylvania we play 18 games + playoffs.

What high school lacrosse coach has the most consecutive wins?

Deanna Knobloch of Moorestown High school NJ

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