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ok, if you want great splits/ split jumps,you've got to work, practice at home everyday and do splits on the ground when you do the splits, hold them when your watching t.v and go over and reach fro your toes while in a split. then go over onto your stomach(keeping your legs in a split) to do a ponche, or a side split. stretch and after this, you should be better. also practice your jumps over and over and if they have not gotten better after a week or so. i mean, no improvement whatsoever, then go back to doing all those splits on theground for a couple more days and then try it. good luck!

ok u try to exercise your body every day and .don't eat a fat ........................................................ by the way thiese is other person i answer your question because i have a question for u hope u answer my question

my eyes is so cry thin and i have stomachech every 4 hours

how do u annswer my question pls answer me ^_^

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Q: Hi need help on my split leaps i can do the splits bth ways when it coms to doing step ball change then the leap i cant do it my legs go to 100 need hep pleas answr asap. dont wait for another person?
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