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hen took some ice skating test because all the ice skaters have to take the ice skating tst

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Q: Hen did she take the ice skating test?
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Why was ice skating called ice skating?

Because Ice skating is the act of skating on ice.

How do you know if your friend is lying about doing ballet and ice skating?

Take them ice skating or watch them do ballet.

Where can you take up ice-skating near hanworth?

ice skating is taught at the sarlopin club on sorkater ave

Where does figure skating take place in?

an ice rink.

What is the wordle for SKATING ice?

ice skating

Ice skating rules?

are ice skating and figure skating the same.

Was roller skating or ice skating first?

I think ice skating

What is the name where people do skating on ice?

Ice skating, or if you do competitive skating it is called figure skating.

What is the only jump in ice skating where skaters take off while skating forward?


Who discovered ice skating?

Who discovered ice skating

How did ice skating begin?

Ice Skating began when a couple of English men were ice skating on boots

Is ice skating the same as in-line skating?

No, it's completely different. In-line skating is on wheels, while ice skating is on blades and actually on the ice. You can jump and spin in ice skating, but not during in-line skating.

How difficult is figure skating?

Ice skating can be very difficult for a beginner. If you wish to take up ice skating and become a professionnal, you will find it fascinating and easy, once you get the hang of it.

How can you make your dream come true to be an ice skater?

Take ice skating lessons.

What rhymes with ice skating?

Hating rhymes with ice skating.

What is an ice skating place called?

Ice skating rink.

What is the difference between figure skating and ice skating?

Ice skating is more just skating for fun and figure skating is doing spins and jumps Ice skating is any type of skating and figure skating is dancing on ice Whoever put that is wrong! Ice Skating is a sport that just sums up every thing you do on ice... it is a category of all the skating activities on ice! True figure skating is like dancing and spinning (i should know i have won a figure skating Competition!) But it is just a category!

What is in line ice skating?

in line ice skating is where you skate in a line

What hobby does Casey take up in Ice Princess?

Figure Skating

What is better ice skating or going to the cinema?

Ice skating, Because everybody has gone to the cinema. But a phew have gone Ice skating :)

What are the similarities between roller skating and ice skating?

Rollor skating is easier. You are on 4 wheels and on a floor. Ice skating you are on ice and you are on a thin blade. I went rollor skating and i was shocked on how much easier it was then ice skating. dude seriously ice is easier man i mean i found roller skating real hard

Should you take lessons for ice skating?

Yes, you should take lessons for ice skating for practice. Just a suggestion only if you want to get better at ice skating. Don't take my answer if you don't like it or just don't agree with me. On the other hand if you do like my answer please press rate this answer. That button is very easy to find.

Who discovered skating?

Who discovered ice skating

Is the word ice-skating hyphenated?

Not unless it's used as a compound modifier. For example: I went ice skating at the ice-skating rink.

Where can you do figure skating?

Figure skating is an ice sport so it is done on ice.