HellGateLondon Pre-order Code

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Q: HellGateLondon Pre-order Code
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What is the code for the recon helmet on reach?

You have to preorder so... yeah

What is the code for sergeant Johnson in odst?

you need to preorder from gamespot or ebgames or you dont get the code!

Is Gametraders Australia going to do the preorder bonus code for Fable 3?

Yes There's a youtube video saying about all the preorder bonus's in the UK, USA and AUS.

Can you buy the unlocking code to unlock sergeant Johnson on halo 3 odst?

no only if you preorder

How do you get sargent Jonson in Halo ODST?

You need to preorder Halo 3 ODST and have the code on XBOX Live to get Sgt. Johnson

What is the code for recon helmet in halo reach?

There are many code cards, each with a different code, that you had to preorder the game to get; however, many people will sell unused codes on the internet. if you buy one, do it from a trusted source.

Do you preorder the game to get halo reach officer elite armor?

Yes, and since the game already came out youd have to buy an unused code for it.

If you preorder Halo Reach in the US do you get the recon armor?

It depends on when, and, where you preorder the game, I suggest you call a local Gamestop and ask if store gives you the Recon redemption code upfront when you preorder the game at the store (not sure if the same applys for on-line buying) I also had the same question and I called Gamestop and asked if they would give me the Recon code upfront when I preordered the game and the guy said yes. =) (I'm not really sure if the same applys for other stores) (btw I live in North America)

What is the call of duty modern warfafe 3 xp redeem code?

It's a Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition preorder code that was handed out to the attendees of Call of Duty: XP 2011 and can only be redeemed at

How do you activate recon in halo reach?

you have to get xbox live,(you need to preorder halo reach!)first, go to the halo reach menu ,then press the middle of the controller ,then go to redeem code ,type in the code,when you are done go customize your person and enjoy!

How do you unlock the deadly assassin outfit in red dead redemption?

You have to preorder the game. The game will come with a slip of paper that gives you a code you can use at the main menu's downloaded content section. Once you use the code, the requirements for the outfit will be shown under outfits in single player.

Is there a Pokemon diamond action replay code for getting the shiny raikou lv 30 from the 13th movie preorder yet ive seen some people on youtube giving them away?

Play the game without cheating ;)

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