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  1. softball can help ur muscles in your body. 2) softball is a fun sport for girls and boys. 3) softball contains atleast 12 players.
  2. softball can be a fun sport.
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Q: Health benefits of softball
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What are some health benefits of playing softball?

One of the main health benefits of playing softball is exercise. The body needs to get out and move. Playing softball is also good for hand/eye coordination in both the outfield and at bat positions.

What are the health and physical benefits of playing softball?

Well your muscles get stronger and you can lose weight. Though there aren't any exact benefits just for playing softball. it helps you learn teamworkFor starters, baseball and softball are activities that work several muscle groups and require multiple skills. You'll get aerobic benefits from running, and build strength from batting, throwing, and catching. Fielders will increase lower body strength, while pitchers will develop arm and shoulder strength. Playing baseball or softball will also develop your hand-eye coordination and mental focus

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Benefits of softball?

-Friendship -Technique -Teamwork skills -Strategy Skills -Hand eye co-ordination -Overall Health -Reaction Time Softball can benefit in all these areas .

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