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Q: Head high school football coach salary in Florida?
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Where does Frank Sorrells coach football?

Frank Sorrells is the Head Football Coach at Bay High School in Panama City, Florida.

Avreage salary of a Canadian football assistant coach?

average salary of assistant football canadian coach

What is the monthly salary of a football coach?

The monthly salary of a football coach will vary between each coach based on his wins and losses, his ability to coach, and much coaching experience he has.

Who pays the salary of a college football coach?

Overpaid football coaches that are overpaid include Nick Saban-$5,395,852, and Mack Brown-$5,392,500.

How much salary a football coach gets?

you get nothing it sucks

Who is the Coach for Florida University football?

Jimbo Fisher

When can a high school football coach be on the football field?

i dont know you should be coach to find out??

Who is the football coach for Florida State University?

Jimbo Fisher

Who is Florida state university's football coach?

Jimbo Fisher

Who is Florida football coach?

The soccer coach is Tomasz Repka. dunno bout the NFL manager.

What coach has the most wins in football history?

Summerville High School football coach John Mckissick

Salary for a ole miss head football coach?

2.5 mil ann.