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Hank Aaron 715th Home Run

Hank Aaron hit home run number 715 in 1974, to break Babe Ruth's all time career home run record of 714. Hank Aaron would end his career with 755 home runs.

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Q: He hit 725 home runs to top Babe Ruth's lifetime record?
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Why is Henry Aaron included in the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum?

he broke babe ruths all time home run record

Who brooke Babe Ruths records in 1961?

Roger Maris 61 in '61Roger Maris hit 61 home runs in 1961 breaking Babe Ruth single season home run record of 60 set in 1927.

When did Barry Bonds break babe ruths home run record?

Bonds hit his 715th home run off of Byung-Hyun Kim of the Colorado Rockies on May 28, 2006.

What was Babe Ruths Career statistics?

As a pitcher Babe Ruth had a career record of 94 wins 46 losses with a 2.28 ERA. As a hitter he had a career batting average of .342 with 714 home runs, and 2,217 RBIs.

How far was babe ruths first home run?

his first home run was 600 feet in baltimore

What was babe ruths home run record?

Babe Ruth set two major home run records in his career by the time he retired. The single season home run record and the all time career home run record. Roger Connor held the record for career home runs with 138, until Babe Ruth broke the record in 1921 when he hit number 139. The Babe would go on and finish his career with 714 in 1935. The record would hold up until 1974 when Hank Arron hit number 715. The Babe also set the single season home run record in 1927, breaking his own record of 59, in 1921. That record will stand until 1961 when RogerMaris hit 61, in 1961.

Where was Babe Ruths famous point to the outfield home run hit?

Wrigley Field in Chicago in 1932.

What was babe Ruths best in the 1920s?

Ruth hit his 60th home run in 1927. That is all I got.

What was Babe Ruth's lifetime batting average?

Babe Ruth had a .342 lifetime batting average to go along with his 714 home runs, and 2217 RBI's. As a pitcher Babe Ruth had a lifetime record of 94 -46 with a 2.28 In 1919 Babe Ruth batted .322 led the Major Leagues with 29 home runs, 114 RBI's and was 9-5 with a 2.97 ERA.

What was Babe Ruths homeering average?

Babe Ruth had a 11.76 At bats per home run average second all time to Mark McGwire (10.61)

What was babe ruths most important thoughts?

There is no way of knowing someones thoughts, But if I had to guess it was eating hot dogs, and hitting home runs.

What major league record did Babe Ruth set?

Babe Ruth set the record for home runs, with an amount of 714 home runs.