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It was Holland verses Germany in 1974 and 1978.

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Q: Have two teams ever faced each other twice in a World Cup Final?
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Who were the two teams in the final of the cricket world cup in1983?

Two teams in 1983 world cup are India and West Indies.India won the final.

What was the two teams of the 2006 World Cup final?

the two teams were Italy and France

How many teams competed in the 1930 football world cup final?

In the 1930 world cup there were 13 teams.

In 1998 which 2 teams played the world cup against each other?

Brazil played France in the 1998 final.

Who were the two teams in the final of the world cup in1983?

There was no world cup in 1983, it was in 1982.

Which were the host teams that competed in cricket world cup final?


How do you seed ten teams in two pools?

You have each team in the pool play each other once, top 4 teams progress. Then a quarter final, semi-final then final

What teams were in the 2010 cup final?

There were 32 countries from the whole world in the 2010 world cup.

Did the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins ever play in the Stanley Cup Final before 2011?

Each of the two teams has made the finals multiple times before, but they never faced each other until 2011.

How many teams in the world cup football UK?

The UK does not field a single team. Each country of the UK fields a team. As with all other teams they have to qualify to enter the final rounds of the competition.

Which teams played the final of football world cup 2006?

italy and france

Who were the two teams in the final of the cricket world cup in 1999?

Australia and Pakistan