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No, he just too old to fight that's why he quite.

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Q: Have there been any olympic boxing injuries?
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Is there any 2010 or 2008 olympic sport that women didn't compete in?

Wrestling, Boxing, Weight-lifting.

What injuries can you get in boxing?

you can get many tpes of injuries in boxing and some injuries are fatal. in a boxing match 2 guys are going at it punching the life out of each other. these are a list of injuriesconcusion ( last a few days)break your wrist ( few months to recover)brain damage ( never be cured)DEATH! ( caused by multiple hard shot around the sides and back of the head)

Were there any injuries in the crowd gathered for Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding?

No injuries have been reported.

Does mothers age have any influence on birth injuries?

No, mother's age does not have any influence on birth injuries. No correlation has been found in this area.

Has Puerto Rico won any Olympic medals?

Yes, Puerto Rico has won 6 medals, including one silver. All of the medals were won in boxing.

Have any animals been killed as part of an Olympic sport?


Did Ghana win any gold medals at the Olympics?

Through the 2010 Games, no. Ghana has won 4 total Olympic medals, 1 silver and 3 bronze, in boxing and football.

When does boxing season start?

Boxing is not a seasonal sport. boxing shows can be held any day of the year.

What season does boxing start for kids?

Boxing is not a seasonal sport. boxing shows can be held any day of the year.

Has there been any reported injuries caused by misusing the Da Lite screen?

There have not currently been any reported injuries caused by misusing a Da Lite screen. Users are advised to ensure that screens are correctly installed, correctly positioned and that there is no direct sunlight reflecting from the screens.

What country has been the site for more olympic games than any other?

united states

Has there been any time where the Olympic games were held in New Orleans?

No, the Olympics have not ever been held in the city of New Orleans.