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Q: Have the red wings ever had a black player?
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Who is the oldest player to play for the red wings?

Gordie Howe is the oldest player ever to play in Detroit, but today it is Nick Lidstrom

Does Gordie Howe receive mail through the Detroit Red Wings?

yes he does because he was their best player ever

What ant has black body with red and black legs also some have wings?

Red and black carpenter ants have a black body with red heads and thoraxes. The back legs are black and the male and female both have wings.

What is an insect with red body and black wings?

There are many insects that could have a red body with black wings. These insects include dragonflies as well as butterflies.

What insect has black wings and red body?

a dragonfly

Insect with black body and red wings?


What Flying insect has a red body with metallic black wings no stinger?

Dragonflies often times have metallic black wings that shimmer in the daylight. They can have red bodies and do not have stingers.

Are the detoirt red wings the best team ever?

It depends on who you ask. In my opinion, it would be the new jersey devils! even though the red wings have the best coach ever!

What insect has wings and a black head white middle red bottom?

There are several types of butterflies that have a black head and wings. Some of them also have a white abdomen and red bottom.

Who was the Red Wings 1st ever Captain?

Art Duncan

When did Eric lindros play with the Detroit Red Wings?

Eric Lindros was never a contracted player for the Detroit Red Wings.

What G is a common European finch the male of which has a red and white face and yellow and black wings?

Answer.. Goldfinch, is a common European finch the male of which has a red and white face and yellow and black wings.