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2011: Defeated Anaheim Ducks in 6 games

2012: Defeated Detroit Red Wings in 5 games

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Q: Have the nashville predators ever won a stanley cup playoff series?
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How is the Stanley Cup won?

if you win the championship playoff series in the NHL

How many Stanley Cup playoff series did the penguins win at home?


How many Stanley cups did ovechkin win?

Hey DA Alex Ovechkin is only in his sixth year in the NHL. He has not won a Stanley cup or won a playoff series.

What NHL teams have come back after being down 3 0 in a playoff series to win the Stanley Cup?


Nhl teams never to play in Stanley cup?

Of thirty teams currently playing (2010) six franchises have never made it into the Stanley Cup final playoff series. They are the... Minnesota Wild, Phoenix Coyotes, Nashville Predators, Columbus Blue Jackets, Atlanta Thrashers, and Florida Panthers. The Panthers joined the league in 1993, and both the Wild and Blue Jackets entered the league in 2000. Brand new teams which had no prior affiliation with defunct clubs.

What do the redwings have to do to win the Stanley cup?

For the 2013 Stanley Cup, the Red Wings currently lead 2-1 in the western playoff series against the Chicago Black Hawks. They will need to win the majority of their games in there series in order to compete in the Stanley Cup Final game.

How many times do you have to lose to be out in the nhl Stanley cup playoffs?

All NHL Playoff series are best of 7, meaning if you lose 4 you are out

When is the Stanley Cup 2012?

The Stanley Cup Final is usually played in late May and early June. The exact dates are yet to be determined since they will depend on the length of the individual playoff series that precede the Stanley Cup final.

How many games are in the NHL conference quarterfinals?

Ever since the mid-1980s, all playoff series of the Stanley Cup are decided in best-of-seven games.

In baseball what is the first round playoff series?

division series

What number of games is there in the Stanley cup finals?

All NHL playoff series, including the Cup Final, are best of seven series, meaning one team has to win four games. So, there can be a minimum of four games or a maximum of seven.

Has there been a comeback from a 3-0 playoff series?


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