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The Saints played in their very first Super Bowl on February 7, 2010, and won, defeating the Indianapolis Colts 31 - 17, along with setting and breaking many records such as:

"Most points, season: 510

Most touchdowns, season: 64

Most touchdowns, game: 7 (tied), vs. N.Y. Giants, 10/18/09

Most passing touchdowns, season: 34 (tied)

Most passing touchdowns, game: 6 (tied) vs. Detroit, 9/13/09

Longest winning streak: 13 games (Weeks 1-13)

Highest average yards per play, game: 9.6 vs. New England, 11/30/09

Most interception returns yards, season: 652

Most interceptions returned for touchdown, season: 5 (tied)

The Whole (no team has ever lost to the Buc's in regular season and went to the superbowl) - Broken.

No team has ever lost a Division Game at the end of the Season and gone on to win the division and a Superbowl- Broken. "

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Q: Have the Saints ever been to the Super Bowl?
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Have the saint ever been to the Super Bowl?

No the New Orleans Saints have not been to the Super Bowl except for this one.

Have the saints ever been in the Super Bowl?

Yes. The Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts, 31-17, in Super Bowl XLIV in Miami.

Have the Saints ever before played in a Super Bowl?

The 2009-2010 season is the very first season the Saints have ever played in the Super Bowl.

Have the New Orleans Saints ever been to a Super Bowl?

Yes. As of the '09-'10 football season, they have made it to their first Super Bowl.

Has the saints ever been to the Super Bowl?

Yes, they will go to South Florida on 2-7-10 to appear it their first Super bowl.

Have the saints ever been to Super Bowl?

Yes. On February 7, 2010, the New Orleans Saints defeated the favored Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV, 31-17.

Have the New Orleans Saints ever been in the super bowl?

Yes, they appeared in Superbowl 44.

Have the New Orleans Saints ever played in a Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 44 was the first SB appearance in Saints franchise history.

Will the Saints ever go to the Super Bowl?

yes they will in 09

Have the saints ever won a super bowl beside this one?


Did New Orleans ever host or play in a Super Bowl?

The New Orleans Saints have never played in a Super Bowl. Many Super Bowls have been hosted in the Louisiana Superdome, But a long time ago, it was known as Tulane Stadium. Another Super Bowl will be hosted by the Saints in 2013. It will be the 10th Super Bowl hosted in the Superdome. The Saints do hope to one day go to a Super Bowl.

How many years has the saints won the super bowl?

The Saints have won the Super Bowl only once, in their first-ever appearance in 2010. The Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts, 31-7, at Super Bowl XLIV at Miami.

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