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No. Not ever, and will never.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-07 13:33:08
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Q: Have the Minnesota Twins ever lost a game?
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Did the Minnesota Twins win their game on April 15 2012?

No. On April 15, 2012, the Minnesota Twins lost to the Texas Rangers, 4-3.

Who did the Minnesota Twins play at their first home game at the Metropolitan Stadium?

The Minnesota Twins played their first game at the Metropolitan Stadium on April 21, 1961 against the Washington Senators. The Twins lost to the Senators by a score of 5 to 3.

How many consecutive playoff games have the Minnesota Twins MLB team lost?


How many postseason games have the Minnesota Twins lost in a row?

Through the 2010 season, 12. The Twins were swept in the 2010 ALDS by the Yankees, 2009 ALDS by the Yankees, 2006 ALDS by the Athletics, and lost the final three games of the 2004 ALDS to the Yankees after winning Game 1.

What is the most games the Minnesota Twins have won in a single season?

In 1965, the Minnesota Twins won 105 total games. They went 102-60 in the regular season and lost the World Series 4 games to 3.

What year did the twins play their first game at the metrodome?

The Twins first regular season game in the Metrodome was April 6, 1982 against the Seattle Mariners. The Twins lost that game 11-7.

Has Minnesota ever been to a Super Bowl?

Yes, Minnesota has been to 4 SUPER BOWLS!! but They have lost all four times.

Have the Harlem Globetrotters ever lost a game?

Yes, they have lost lots of games.

When was the last time the twins lost a season home opener?

Prior to the 2009 season home opener which the Twins lost to the Mariners, the last time the Twins lost the opening game of the season at home was April 3, 2000 when they were defeated by the Tampa Bay Rays, 7-0.

Who did the St. Louis Cardinals lose to in the 1987 World Series?

The Cardinals lost the 1987 World Series to the Minnesota Twins 4 games to 3.

What is the Twins record in game 7 of the World Series?

The Twins record is World Series Game 7s is 2-1. They defeated the Cardinals in 1987 and the Braves in 1991 and lost to the Dodgers in 1965.

Has Michael Jordan ever lost a finals game?

Of course he lost a GAME. Not a series. A GAME. He didnโ€™t sweep for 6 finals genius!

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