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Yes, in the 1970-71 season beating the Baltimore Bullets 4 games to none in the finals.

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Q: Have the Milwaukee bucks won an NBA title?
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Who won NBA finals 1970?

Milwaukee Bucks

NBA Milwaukee Bucks championships?

The Bucks have won 1 NBA championship, that being in the 1970-71 season.

How many times have the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA finals?

1 time

Youngest team to win a NBA championship?

Milwaukee bucks won it in 1971 only their third season in nba

Who Won The1971 NBA Finals?

The Milwaukee Bucks beat the Baltimore Bullets in a 4-0 series.

Who won NBA in 1978?

In the NBA Championship in 1974, the Boston Celtics beat the Milwaukee Bucks to win it all.

How many championships does the Milwaukee bucks have?

The Milwaukee Bucks have won 1 NBA Championship. They won it in 1971.They won against the Baltimore Bullets in only four games. The finals MVP was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He teamed up with Oscar Robertson and made one of the best duos of all time. In the 1970-71 season, Kareem was the MVP of the regular season, won a scoring title in the regular season (31.7 PPG), and was the finals MVP. It was Kareem's first NBA championship, but would go on to win five more in the Los Angeles Lakers.

In what years did kareem Abdul jabbar win the NBA's MVP award?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar won the NBA Regular Season MVP award in:1970-71 (Milwaukee Bucks)1971-72 (Milwaukee Bucks)1973-74 (Milwaukee Bucks)1975-76 (L.A. Lakers)1976-77 (L.A. Lakers)1979-80 (L.A. Lakers)And the NBA Finals MVP in:1970-71 (Milwaukee Bucks)1984-85 (L.A. Lakers)

Who won the second NBA title and the third?

The Rochester Royals won the second NBA title and the Minneapolis Lakers won the third NBA title.

How many NBA championships did the Boston Celtics win in the 1970s?

Two. They won the 1974 championship against the Milwaukee Bucks and the 1976 championship against the Phoenix Suns.

Who won the first NBA title?

The Philadelphia Warriors won the first NBA title for the 1946-47 season.

How many times have the lakers won the NBA title?

They have won 14 NBA titles