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No, they lost in the ALCS in 1982. That is the farthest they have ever got.

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2010-11-07 22:47:32
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Q: Have the Milwaukee Brewers ever been to the world series?
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How many times have the Brewers been in the World Series?

The Milwaukee Brewers have been to one World Series and lost

How many World Series games have the Milwaukee Brewers won?

The Brewers have only been in 1 World Series. They did not win. This happened in 1982. They lost to the Cardinals. The Milwaukee Braves were in 2 world series: 1957 where they won against the New York Yankees, and 1958 where they lost against the New York Yankees.

What movie and television projects has Jim Gantner been in?

Jim Gantner has: Played Himself - Milwaukee Brewers Second Baseman in "Monday Night Baseball" in 1976. Played Himself - Milwaukee Brewers Second Baseman in "1982 American League Championship Series" in 1982. Played Himself - Milwaukee Brewers Second Baseman in "1982 World Series" in 1982. Played Himself - Milwaukee Brewers Second Baseman in "Sunday Night Baseball" in 1990. Played Himself - Milwaukee Brewers Third Baseman in "Sunday Night Baseball" in 1990. Played himself in "DHL Presents Major League Baseball Hometown Heroes" in 2006.

How many world series have been won by Milwaukee?

3 times

Has any mlb team ever been two different world series in national league american league?

No. As of right now only one team has switched from the AL to the NL or vice versa, the Milwaukee Brewers. However, they have only been in the World Series once (1982) when they were still in the AL.

What number did Hank Aaron wear for the Milwaukee Brewers?

44. Aaron's jersey number "44" has been retired by both the Atlanta Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers

How many times have the Milwaukee Brewers been in the playoffs?

3 times.

Milwaukee Brewers announcer?

its bob ucker how did you not know that he played with the brewers and has been with them 50 years now the brewers also retired 50 years of him being with the team

Who is the only player to play for both the Milwaukee Brewers and the Milwaukee Braves?

I think that would have been pitcher Warren Spahn, but corrections welcome to this answer.

How many baseball teams have been in Milwaukee?

The original Milwaukee Brewers from the turn of the century. The Milwaukee Braves from the 50's and early 60's, which became, of course, the Atlanta Braves. The modern Milwaukee Brewers. Milwaukee joined the National League in the late 1870s with a team called the Milwaukee Greys. This team finished last and was shut down within a year or so after its debut. Following this team were a series of semi-professional or minor league teams, associated with organizations like the Western Association, Western League, and American Association, first under the name Milwaukee Creams (Milwaukee was called the Cream City because of its unusual cream-colored brick), and later as the Milwaukee Brewers. It was as the Brewers that Milwaukee became a founding franchise in the American League, with Connie Mack as the manager. they had one good year, then Mack left the team, after which the team stunk and was moved to St. Louis, where they became the Browns (proving that St. Louis had to turn to Milwaukee when they wanted Brewers - ha ha) After that, as already indicated, Milwaukee had the Braves and the current Brewers.

How many MLB players have been named Prince?

Currently there is Milwaukee Brewers Prince Fielder.

How long have the Milwaukee Brewers been playing baseball?

The team began in Seattle, Washington for the 1969 season (Seattle Pilots before changing names and moving to Milwaukee in 1970. The Milwaukee Brewers an American league ball club then switched to the National League in 1998.

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