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There have been two professional football teams that started in Dallas in the last 50 or so years. The Dallas Texans, an AFL franchise that moved to Kansas City and became the Kansas City Chiefs. The other team was the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys were an expansion team in 1960 for the NFL.

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Q: Have the Dallas Cowboys always been the Dallas Cowboys?
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How long has the Dallas Cowboys been in the national football league?

The Dallas Cowboys have been with the NFL since 1960.

What is the Dallas Cowboys record in blue jerseys?

The Dallas cowboys always seem to lose when they play in their blue jersies.

What are all the names for the Dallas Cowboys football team?

Since 1960, they have only been known as the Dallas Cowboys.

Where is the squad picture of the 2011 2012 Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders?

It has been posted at the Dallas Cowboys' official website

What number did Jason Witten have before number 82 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Jason Witten has always worn the No. 82 as a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

Who was the Dallas Cowboys kicker number 59?

No. 59 has only been worn by Dallas Cowboys linebackers, never by a kicker.

Was Tony Romo on the New York Jets?

No. Tony Romo has always been a member of the Dallas Cowboys (2004-present).

Who is the Dallas Cowboys' punter?

Chris Jones has been the No. 1 punter of the Dallas Cowboys since the 2012 season.

Can you see pictures of the 2009-2010 Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders?

It has been posted at the Dallas Cowboys' official website

How did the Dallas Cowboys become the Dallas Cowboys?


Why is the Dallas Cowboys your favorite team?

the dallas cowboys is my favorite team because they always keep there head up and they are very confidence whether they lose or win and they always work hard during the game

What two NFL teams always play on Thanksgiving?

The Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys always play games on Thanksgiving Day with no fixed opponents. Since 2006, a third game has been played on the holiday. Football on Thanksgiving is a long held American tradition, dating back to 1876 when Yale played Princeton.