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Yes, the Boston Bruins won the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals in 7 games, with the final game being in Vancouver against the Canucks.

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Q: Have the Boston Bruins ever played in a game 7 Stanley Cup game?
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Have the Boston Bruins ever met the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals?


What is the highest number ever worn by a Boston Bruins player?

91 Marc savard

Did the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins ever play in the Stanley Cup Final before 2011?

Each of the two teams has made the finals multiple times before, but they never faced each other until 2011.

Did the Vancouver Canucks ever win versus the Bruins in Boston before?

Yes! Did you not see games 1,2,5.

What are the Boston Bruins line combinations for the 2009-2010 season?

Line combinations are ever changing to get the best possible matchups.

What were the first ever NHL teams?

Boston bruins Montreal canadiens Toronto maple leafs new york rangers Detroit red wings

Where did Sidney Crosby score his first goal ever?

october 8 2005 Crosby scored his first NHL goal against the Boston Bruins.

Was Zedeno Chara ever an assistant captain for the Boston Bruins?

Chara wore an "A" on his jersey during the 2006 preseason. He never was an alternate captain during the regular season for the Bruins as he was named Captain of the team 3 days before the season began.

What was the first game the Red Wings ever played?

The Detroit Red Wings played their first game on November 18, 1926, against the Boston Bruins in Border Cities Arena in Windsor, Ontario. They were known, at the time, as the Detroit Cougars. They would not be renamed the Red Wings until 1932.

Have Vancouver Canucks ever won the Stanley Cup?

No, the Vancouver Canucks have yet to win the coveted Stanley Cup. They have been the Cup Finals three times, in 1982 vs NY Islanders, 1994 vs NY Rangers, and 2011 vs Boston Bruins. Way back in the day in 1915, the Vancouver Millionaires won the Championship!

Have the Red Sox Celtics Bruins and Patriots ever played on the same day?

Yes, I saw all three play in , 1963 or 4 on the same day

Has there ever been an NHL player born in Mexico?

Mexico's main sport is soccer,there are however hispanic players that do play: Scott Gomez of the Montreal Canadiens,and Manny Fernandez formerly of the Minnesota Wild and Boston Bruins.