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yes but they lost to san fransico twice

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โˆ™ 2009-05-28 01:49:24
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Q: Have the Bengals ever been to a Super Bowl?
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Have the Cincinnati Bengals ever won a Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, no. They have played in two Super Bowls (XVI and XXIII) and lost both, both to the San Francisco 49ers.

Have the Bengals ever beaten the 49ers?

They have a few times, but not in the Super bowl.

Will the Bengals ever win a Super Bowl?

Probably not! P.s. A falcon fan

Have the Bengals ever played in a Super Bowl?

Twice against the 49ers -1981 season (Super Bowl XVI) and 1988 season (Super Bowl XXIII).

Did Bengals ever win a super bowl?

No, they have never won a Super Bowl. They have 2 Super Bowl appearances against the San Francisco 49ers in 1982 and 1989, in which they lost both games.

Was the Super Bowl ever held in Foxboro?

No, the Super Bowl has not ever been held in Foxboro.

When Were the lions ever in the Super Bowl?

They've never been in a Super Bowl.

Was the super bowl ever been won in over time?

No super bowl has ever went to overtime.

Have Arizona ever been in Super Bowl?

The Cardinals' first Super Bowl is Super Bowl XLIII in 2009.

Who cheated in the Super Bowl?

No team has ever been accused of, or found to have been cheating in a Super Bowl.

Has the Texans ever been in the Super Bowl?

no they have not

Has the super bowl ever been postponed?


Has the Super Bowl ever been hosted by Seattle?

No the SUper Bowl Was never In Seatle

Did the Detroit Lions ever get into the Super Bowl?

They've never been in a Super Bowl.

Have Houston Texans ever been to the super bowl?

As of the 2012 season, the Texas have never been to the Super Bowl.

Have the saint ever been to the Super Bowl?

No the New Orleans Saints have not been to the Super Bowl except for this one.

When has the Super Bowl ever been in Denver?

Denver, Colorado has never hosted the Super Bowl.

Cardinals ever been to the super bowl?


Has Tony Romo ever been to Super Bowl?


Did the Jets ever been in super bowl?


Has there ever been an 8-8 team that won a Super Bowl?

No 8-and-8 team has ever played in the Super Bowl.

Has the super bowl ever been played in Missouri?

The Show-Me State has never hosted a Super Bowl.

Have the Detroit Lions ever went to the super bowl?

The Detroit Lions have never been to the Super Bowl.

Has Michael Vick ever been to the super bowl?

Michael Vick has never appeared in a Super Bowl.

Has there ever been a shutout in the Super Bowl?

No. As of February 2014, and Super Bowl XLVIII, no team has ever been shutout in the Super Bowl. The fewest points scored in a Super Bowl was 3 in Super Bowl VI by the Miami Dolphins who lost to the Dallas Cowboys 24-3 in January, 1972.