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Yes they have six times

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Q: Have sunderland ever won the top division?
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When sunderland won fa cup did they get relegated?

No, they had been in Division 2 and would stay there for a few years.

Guessing Sunderland haven't won five consecutive games in the Premier League. When was the last time they won five games in a row in the top flight?


Has rookie quarterback ever won division?

Yes, Mark Sanchez has won the divisional playoffs.

Why did Sunderland not play in 1973 charity shield?

Sunderland won the 1973 FA Cup to set up a date with Liverpool, the League Champions, in the Charity Shield. However Liverpool decljned to play Sunderland. Without Liverpool as opponents Sunderland decided not to play at all. This left that years Charity Shield match to be competed for by Manchester City who had won the competition in 1972 and Burnley who were the 2nd Division champions. It was mooted that the reason Liverpool declined to play Sunderland was due to the humiliation heaped upon Leeds United when they were defeated by Sunderland in the F A Cup final. Quite simply, they didn't want a repeat episode.

Have the Jacksonville Jaguars ever been the division champs?

Twice. In 1998 and 1999, they won the AFC Central division.

Does sunderland have a better football team than Newcastle?

No way! Newcastle have won every single game against Sunderland. And I support Man City not Newcastle or Sunderland!

How many times have arsenal won the top division title?

100 times

What team won the English Premier League in 1902?


How many cups have sunderland won?

They have won 199 cups they are a really good football team

Who scored in the 1973 fa cup final?

Ian Porterfield was the only goalscorer. He scored after 31-min. This was the 50th anniversary year of the Fa-cup, the 45 match to played at Wembley. The team playing were holders Leeds and Sunderland, who at that point played in second division. Sunderland surprisingly won, being one of the biggest shocks in the Fa-cup's history. Only West Bromwich Albion had achieved this before them (a second division team winning the cup).

How many times have Liveerpool won the Premier Luege?

Liverpool have not won an actual Premier League, although they have won the previous top division 18 times.

What players have won the fa cup as both players and managers?

Bob Stokoe Newcastle/Sunderland, Kenny Dalglish Liverpool (The double as player manager. Off the top of my head