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Yes. Dogs mouths are too small for tennis balls but not. Dont get it mixed up. If they get it in there too tight, cut off air. Bad die. Not good.

Oprah dog died from a ball :((((

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โˆ™ 2011-01-25 00:13:55
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Q: Have dogs died from chewing tennis balls?
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Why do dogs like tennis balls?

Dogs like sport balls no matter what type.

Are there dangerous chemicals on the yellow felt of a tennis ball meaning you should prevent your dog from chewing on one?

If there were, golden retrievers would be extinct! Dogs have been chewing on tennis balls since the day they made them yellow, and I haven't heard of any harmful effects yet.

Where do tennis balls get used?

On Tennis Courts? ;) Also on chair legs and with dogs. ;D

Why do dogs love tennis balls?

Dogs love to chase tennis balls due to their inherent hunting instincts. Specifically, dogs have evolved to pursue any moving object, as this trait enabled them to hunt successfully.

Are tennis balls safe for puppies?

not for puppies, they use them for big dogs, if u want a tennis ball for youre puppy go to a pet store and buy special tennis balls

What is the name of the nz lotto ad song that has the tennis balls and the dogs in the video?

Believe it or not!

What is the world record for most tennis balls in a dogs mouth?

69 sixtynine like the number of human balls i can hold in my mouth at once

What does a dog do at home?

It depends on their breed and nature but most dogs enjoy sleeping, eating and playing with tennis balls.

Why balls bounce why not dogs?

Because balls are made of rubber, and dogs are not.

What happens to tennis balls after a professional tennis match?

Each year approximately 300 million balls are produced, which contributes roughly 14,700 metric tons of waste in the form of rubber that is not easily biodegradable. Historically, tennis ball recycling has not existed and the most common use has been to cut a hole in the ball and attach the ball to the bottom of chairs in schools, nursing homes and the like to prevent slips. At Wimbledon, the balls are sold at the All England Tennis Club and funds raised are donated to charities such as the Balls for Schools scheme which helps support the tennis stars of the future. Often, players will hit, throw, donate balls (sometimes signed) in to the crowd or to fans. Two years ago, 350 balls were donated to the Wildlife Trust who used them as nest boxes for harvest mice. There are also programs to donate your used tennis balls for dogs that are used in the Armed Forces overseas or for dogs in shelters to play with.

What ball do dogs like the best?

Yorkshire Terriers like: Plastic balls & Tennis balls Border collies like: Cricket balls & giant spongy balls westies like: a soft big bouncy ball Jack Russels like: Very bouncy balls Thats all i now for now if you need any more advice on dogs email me at

How much of these kinds of things will be sold?

Tennis balls are very useful for more than just tennis. Old people put them on their walkers, and people throw them to their dogs. But tennis players use them for, well, tennis. I think the biggest market would be rackets and re-stringing them.

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